Best floor restoration tips

Protect Your Face

Even before you start wood floor restoration work on your own you need to keep in mind that wood floor sanding and restoration work will also lead to lot of dust and fumes and therefore you have to protect your face while working. You can stock up on dust masks and earplugs and wear NIOSH-approved organic vapor respirators that can protect your eye and nose while you are handling all the work.


Take Your Time


Always make sure that you schedule your work rather than pushing yourself too much on the same day. This will only make your health situation worse because you want to be sure that you handle the work with comfort. It is recommended that you hire some professionals in case you don’t have time to do this on your own.


Progress Gradually


When you are starting wood floor restoration and sanding process on your own you can start with coarse grit abrasives rather than using grits coarser than 60. Since you are doing this on your own you might end up damaging the wooden floor and complicating the matter. You can proceed with abrasives that are gradually finer until you get the right smoothness that you want. Proceed sanding row by row so that you cover every part of the floor. carpet cleaners